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Why SMEs should use on-demand talent


Faster time-to-hire

Traditional hiring takes months of intensive work hours. With on-demand talent, you can get started in days


Reduce business costs

Hiring, training and benefits result in substantial overhead expenses. Hire on-demand professionals for a fraction of the cost


Minimize risk

Avoid high costs and risks associated with full-time hiring and employ fractional professionals whenever you need them


Access global talent

On-demand talent gives you the opportunity to connect with a global talent pool and access expertise that may not be readily available locally

Why Choose Wizly

Get real-time access to expertise from a global pool of seasoned professionals for your SME

Global Pool Of Professionals

Choose the right professionals for your startup from a thoroughly vetted global pool of 300+ professionals

Faster And Inexpensive Hiring

Wizly enables you to hire faster and cheaper by moving over hiring agencies and consultants to spend months on hiring the ideal candidate

Pay As You Go

Only pay for the services you take without worrying about subscriptions fees and high cost

All-In-One Platform

With Wizly, you can connect with professionals, seek advice for business challenges, post opportunities, manage payments, and do much more


Experts on the platform


Consultations offered

12+ years

Average experience of a Wizly professional

Save 10x less time when hiring independents with Wizly!

Spending months to hire the right candidate? With Wizly, you can hire and get started with a professional for your project in less than a week!

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Sign up on the platform and add relevant details about your company, industry and business challenges to ensure a highly tailored experience

Step 2

Connect with an independent or post an opportunity

Directly connect with an independent by sending a message and booking a call, or post a project to receive proposals. All projects are screened before being published on the platform

Step 3

Hire and pay as you go

Manage independents, projects, and payments right on the platform. Pay only for the booked calls and messages sent to the independents without worrying about any subscriptions

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Use Wizly To Solve Anything

Financial Management

Develop financial projections, assess the feasibility of new projects or investments, and implement effective cost-cutting strategies to improve profitability

Content Marketing

Develop an effective content marketing strategy to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales by creating compelling and informative SEO-focused content

Performance Management

Develop a performance management system that aligns employee goals with company objectives, provides regular feedback and coaching to support growth and development
and so much more...

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Top Experts That Can Help You

Christine Ng

Christine comes with a rich experience in growth and product marketing and management.
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Mili Semlani

Mili helps startups shape their audience and content strategy to build and grow engaging communities.
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Christina Weiss

Christina helps companies to optimize product strategy and improve product development processes.
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