How TensorFlow increased website engagement and downloads

About TensorFlow

Developed by Google, TensorFlow is an open-source framework which offers a huge suite of tools that enables developers & businesses to build profitable AI models.


Unclear on its product messaging, TensorFlow’s homepage had low engagement & high bounce rates as developers did not find the homepage useful.

With the goal of increasing developer acquisition, TensorFlow needed to update its positioning & renew their website.

Abhishek had the right experience and expertise


B2B SaaS, Product Marketing, Growth Marketing


Product Marketing Lead, Google
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Demand Generation, SMB, Meta

Strategies the expert used

Thorough Audience Research - Gathered insights about developers' pain points and needs. User journeys are also created to guide TensorFlow's product messaging.


Product Marketing - Strong coordination & buy in from all project stakeholders to develop an effective messaging.


User Experience Focus - TensorFlow’s homepage underwent a new design; site user experience was tested and validated with intended audiences.