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Why early-stage companies should use on-demand talent


Faster time-to-market

Execute faster and accelerate time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage



Make the most of your budget and only pay for specific services and expertise when needed



Scale up or down quickly to respond to changing market conditions and business needs without the commitment and overhead costs of hiring full-time employees


Access to specialized expertise

Early-stage companies may lack in-house expertise in a variety of domains, which can be filled with on-demand talent to make informed decisions

Why Choose Wizly

Get real-time access to knowledge and expertise from a global pool of seasoned professionals

Vetted Pool Of Professionals

Choose the right professionals for your startup from a global pool of 300+ vetted professionals

Save Time And Capital

Inexpensive and faster hiring without dependence on hiring agencies and consultants

Pay As You Go

Pay-per-use model without the need for any subscription

All-In-One Platform

Post opportunities, connect with independents, and initiate payments, all on WIzly


Experts on the platform


Consultations offered

12+ years

Average experience of a Wizly professional

Spend 10x less time when hiring independents with Wizly!

The average in-house recruitment takes 2-3 months. With Wizly, you can hire a professional for your project in less than a week!

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Directly connect with an independent by sending a message and booking a call, or post a project to receive proposals. All projects are screened before being published on the platform

Step 3

Hire and pay as you go

Manage independents, projects, and payments right on the platform. Pay only for the booked calls and messages sent to the independents without worrying about any subscriptions

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Use Wizly To Solve Anything

Email Marketing

Build a strong email marketing campaign to reach customers and promote products or services

Brand Identity

Create a distinctive visual identity with visual elements that communicate the brand values and personality

Board Governance

Develop a strong and effective board of directors and establish communication channels between the board and the team
and so much more...

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Find the perfect professional to solve your challenges, on-demand!

Top Experts That Can Help You

Daniel Johnson

Thibaut helps early-stage, B2B startups define and execute their growth and marketing strategies
Connect with Daniel

Vanhishikha Bhargava

Vanhishikha helps B2B SaaS startups build an inbound engine with content and social media.
Connect with Bhargava

Thibaut Briere

Daniel is a startup growth marketer helping startups with talent management, product, and marketing.
Connect with Thibaut

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