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What is Wizly

Wizly helps people solve their short-term business problems quickly and efficiently by directly connecting them to experts. The platform helps people connect meaningfully to the right expert to overcome hurdles, learn from the best and get direct, personalised advice 1:1 from a global pool of experts. Experts can monetize their knowledge, amplify their brand, make connections and have an impact through the valuable connections and exchanges Wizly enables.

What is Wizly?
What is Wizly?

Wizly is a marketplace that connects independent professionals with companies and brands to earn & collaborate on opportunities, business advisory, and knowledge sharing.

Independent professionals are able to easily monetize their knowledge, build their brand, and amplify their professional impact by helping companies overcome hurdles.

What can you do with the Wizly platform?
What can you do with the Wizly platform?

Ask a question. Get audio and video answers to any of your Go-to-Market, Marketing and Product Management challenges. Read user-generated community questions here

Find the right person. Save many hours, thousands of dollars and grow stress-free by getting open and affordable access to an authenticated pool of global subject matter experts.

Scale faster. Collaborating with the right people and getting access to real-time knowledge at the time you need it most achieves faster growth cycles.

How do you use Wizly?
How do you use Wizly?

1. Create your profile by clicking on Join Wizly
2. Explore the platform through our audio-video professional Q&A
3. Submit opportunities or projects to collaborate with professionals

What are the areas I can get help in?
What are the areas I can get help in?

Go-to-Market. You want to find several different ways to talk about your product, focusing on the value that you provide rather than the feature that you built. Talk to leading professionals about your GTM strategy.

Career Growth. Create meaningful career paths and gain alignment on your professional growth with our Experts who can help you with salary raise techniques, negotiation skills, talent management and more.

Product Management. Talk to Wizly product management and product marketing Experts to make sure you learn from the best and apply the right techniques to launch your business.

Product Market Fit. We know about Product-Market Fit and how crucial it is for any business to succeed. Wizly Experts can break this down so you can think about all the elements that go into your PMF.

Who are Wizly’s leading professionals?
Who are Wizly’s leading professionals?

They are domain leaders with at least 7 years of experience in their respective fields. Not only are they talented problem solvers, but they enjoy connecting with others and using their specialized knowledge to provide meaningful support.

What exactly can I ask on Wizly?
What exactly can I ask on Wizly?

Take a little inspiration from the following challenges Wizly experts are helping solve for users like you:

Product Management:
Product & Business Strategy
Challenge: How to prioritise customer feedback or requests for product roadmap.
Q: I am a startup founder solving a problem for PMs, so just curious to learn more and validate pain points. What is your process for prioritising customer feedback or requests for your product roadmap? Right now we are in beta and the focus is to work with series A or seed startups to validate our idea and build features based on it.

Marketing: Content Marketing
Challenge: Creating a winning first touch email.
Q: I am looking for some guidance on a ""first touch"" (Email, call) for Closed-Lost Opportunities. Any ideas on that first touch to make a good impression but also not appear too salesy to revert right back to the deal?

Product Management: Product-Led Growth
Challenge: SaaS-based product-led growth retention efforts.
Q: How can a growth product manager work towards improving the usage metrics of a SaaS product?

How does the Q&A tool work?
How does the Q&A tool work?

Search: Search for the right topic on our Q&A platform, see if anyone has asked similar questions

Ask in Detail: Ask your question. To make the most out of it, remember to always ask your question in detail when posting on the community platform.

Wait for the answer: In 48 hours, you should receive one or multiple audio or video answers from our experts and independent professionals.

Book a call: If you need further deep dive, book a call with your favourite Experts on Wizly. As simple as that.

Why would I come to Wizly over any other platform?
Why would I come to Wizly over any other platform?

Desktop research is inefficient and unauthenticated; forum responses are unqualified; traditional consultants are too expensive, and networking platforms seem to cater more to advertisers vs truly productive connections.

Sometimes you just want to connect directly with someone who knows what they’re talking about for a specific project that you don't want to hire full-time. With Wizly, there is a clear objective: Users bring business challenges and our global pool of independent professionals provide quick and cost-effective guidance.

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