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What is Wizly

Wizly helps people solve their short-term business problems quickly and efficiently by directly connecting them to experts. The platform helps people connect meaningfully to the right expert to overcome hurdles, learn from the best and get direct, personalised advice 1:1 from a global pool of experts. Experts can monetize their knowledge, amplify their brand, make connections and have an impact through the valuable connections and exchanges Wizly enables.

What is Wizly?
What is Wizly?

Wizly is an online platform that helps users find and directly connect with subject matter experts to solve their short-term business challenges.

Users benefit from quick, cost-efficient access to 1-on-1 personalised consulting, in addition to group consulting sessions and workshops.

Experts are able to easily monetise their knowledge, build their brand, and amplify their professional impact by helping others overcome professional hurdles.

What is Micro-Consulting?
What is Micro-Consulting?

While free advice on the internet can be great, it can also be generic and low-quality.
On the other hand, hiring a traditional consultant on your own takes time and can
cost far more than you’d be willing to pay for a one-off consultation.

Micro-Consulting is a short-form type of consulting that focuses on quick, cost-
efficient expert support. Whereas traditional consulting contracts can last weeks or
months, a micro-consulting engagement can last as little as 15 minutes!

Think of Wizly and micro-consulting as a much-needed middle ground in the world of
expert guidance – higher quality than free, cheaper than traditional, and accessible to

Just right.

Who are our Experts?
Who are our Experts?

Wizly Experts are domain leaders with at least 7 years of experience in their
respective fields. Not only are they talented problem solvers, but they enjoy
connecting with others and using their specialised knowledge to provide meaningful

Why would I come to Wizly over any other platform?
Why would I come to Wizly over any other platform?

Desktop research is inefficient; forum responses are unqualified; traditional
consultants are too expensive; and networking platforms seem to cater more to
advertisers than truly productive connections.

Sometimes you just want to connect directly with someone who knows what they’re
talking about.

With Wizly, there is a clear objective: Users bring their short-term business
challenges and Experts provide quick, cost-effective guidance.

Since micro-consulting engagements can last as little as 15 minutes, we’re able to
keep costs low. And since our Experts are compensated for their time, Users get the
quality guidance they need to succeed. Everybody wins!

Is Wizly expensive?
Is Wizly expensive?

No! Wizly is meant to be a more affordable solution for those with business
challenges that require short-term (but high-quality) expert support. Our experts’ time
is still valuable, but by reducing engagements to as little as 15 minutes, you pay a
fraction of traditional fees and still get meaningful support quickly and cost-effectively.

How do you use Wizly?
How do you use Wizly?
  1. Search a topic where you need a quick solution, directional guidance, or even just a sounding board
  2. Choose the relevant Wizly expert
  3. Book a 1:1 call or submit your question via text

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