How a metaverse startup proved their concept in 6 months

About the stealth startup

The stealth startup provides a social metaverse and gamification for how companies onboard new employees remotely, with the goal of improving employee retention at companies with high turnover rates & costs.


At it’s pre-seed stage, the startup was looking to scale fast by deloying at least 2 Proof-Of-Concepts in 6 months. However, as the metaverse and its application are still in its early stage, the low adoption rate in the market posed a challenge. In addition, the company was also unsure of their ideal customer profile (ICP), what sectors and size of company to target.

Sharmin had the right experience and expertise


B2B SaaS, Product-Led-Growth, Fintech, Product Positioning


Head of BD, Tech, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Business Mentor, German Accelerator
Associate Director, Strategic Pursuits & BD, KPMG Singapore
Vice President, Client Fulfillment, Bank of America

Strategies the expert used

Target market profile - Developed a targeted strategy for companies with 80% or more employees onboarded remotely. Companies were also categorised according to sectors and time spent by employees on desktop/laptops to identify potential early customers for the startup.


Pain point analysis - Taking a data-driven approach, current attrition rates and cost of resignations per employee were analysed to illustrate current pain points and areas of improvement for the startup’s client.