Is On-Demand Talent Truly The Future Of Business?

Is On-Demand Talent Truly The Future Of Business?

The future of business is changing and on-demand talent is at the center of it. But is it truly the future of business or are we witnessing another passing fad?
Mar 2023

The future of business and work is changing rapidly, especially with the gig economy. Gone are the days when companies hired large teams. Over the last decade, one of the things that brought about the change is the rise of the gig economy, catalyzed by technology advancements and a shift in workforce preferences. At the heart of this transformation is the concept of on-demand talent, which refers to skilled professionals available for short-term or project-based work, often through digital platforms. But as more businesses move towards hiring growth professionals, it is imperative to understand if on-demand talent is truly the future of work and business.

Will the potential of on-demand talent be seen as a significant component of the future workforce? We share the advantages and limitations of the current digital infrastructure providing access to talent, and how Wizly is changing the landscape and filling the gap for growth professionals.

What Is On-Demand Talent

The idea of on-demand talent is simple. It refers to skilled professionals who offer their expertise on a temporary or project basis. This trend has gained momentum in recent years as both workers and companies recognise the value of flexibility and specialisation in the rapidly changing business landscape.

The rise of such growth professionals has also paved the way for multiple digital platforms that match professionals with relevant projects or tasks. These platforms range from freelance marketplaces to expert networks, focusing on connecting businesses with industry experts for consultations and project-based work. The growth of on-demand talent can also be attributed to the rise of such platforms, the ease of use and accessibility of which are paramount.

Key Advantages Of Leveraging On-Demand Talent

Here are the top advantages of using on-demand growth professionals for your business challenges:

Flexibility: On-demand talent allows businesses to be more agile, rapidly scaling up or down as needed to meet the fluctuating demands and business challenges. Access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals with specialized expertise enables companies to address specific project requirements or skills gaps efficiently.

Cost-effectiveness: In-house hiring involves a more substantial initial financial investment, including recruitment, training, and providing employee benefits. On the other hand, professionals can lead to long-term cost savings as it eliminates the expenses associated with full-time employees. Companies can engage seasoned professionals as needed, avoiding ongoing overhead costs. 

Global Reach: By leveraging on-demand talent, companies can extend their global reach and diversity. Access to a worldwide talent pool increases the diversity of perspectives and experiences, fostering innovation and creative problem-solving.

Accessibility: Access to specialized skills is another significant advantage, as it enables organizations to tap into a vast pool of expertise without making long-term commitments. This scalability and rapid response can help businesses meet demands and accelerate project completion.

Limitations of Expert Networks

As mentioned earlier, the growth of on-demand professionals can be primarily attributed to the rise of digital platforms acting as a bridge between businesses and professionals. The expert network industry has been known to help clients make informed decisions, solve complex problems, or gain a deeper understanding of specific market dynamics, trends, or technologies. These expert networks provide a platform for connections and consultation, allowing clients to access expertise that may not be readily available within their organizations.

However, the rise of such platforms has also unearthed specific barriers that can hinder company growth. Here are the top limitations of expert networks:

High Costs: The key reason companies turn to expert networks is the ability to solve challenges cost-effectively. However, as the expert network industry grows, many platforms have considerably increased costs, rendering them inaccessible for small and medium businesses.

Quality Control: To grow swiftly, many expert networks forego the vetting process and onboard a heap of experts. This leads to a subpar talent pool, where ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information becomes tough. Therefore, companies need to take out time to conduct thorough evaluations to ensure they engage with the right experts.

Limited Availability: Since many of these expert networks tend to get the biggest names in the industry on the platform to showcase talent pool strength, the availability of top experts becomes a concern. Scheduling consultations and projects may not always align with the needs of a project or business. Moreover, many platforms do not enable professionals to specify their availability, which results in confusion and limbo.

How Wizly Is Changing The Future Of Business

Wizly is ideal for companies looking to grow and work with the best growth professionals. Companies at any stage of their growth journey can benefit from using Wizly. Here’s how Wizly is changing the future of businesses with its Growth-as-a-Service (GaaS) model:

  • A Vetted Pool Of Professionals: At Wizly, we understand the challenges businesses face and how on-demand talent can help solve them. However, getting access to the right knowledge at the right time is crucial. This is why each professional is thoroughly vetted by the Wizly team and is onboarded to the platform only after all constraints are met. The average professional at Wizly boasts 10+ years of experience with a proven work record at companies such as Google, Meta, and Twitter.

  • Ensuring Transparency In Availability: With an extensive pool of professionals, Wizly enables businesses to connect with the right growth professional to solve their challenges. However, availability is always subject to the professional. To ensure transparency, professionals at Wizly can specify their availability. Moreover, with Calendly and Google Calendar integration, professionals can choose which hours they want to connect with businesses.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Moving over substantial upfront costs and subscription fees, Wizly offers businesses a chance to get advice from the right professional without burning a hole in their pockets. Choose from various options to connect with the professional according to your budget and requirements

How Wizly Can Help You

Wizly is a one-stop platform for businesses looking to scale with on-demand talent. Offering a pool of vetted professionals with decades of relevant experience behind them, Wizly is bridging the gap between businesses and effective advice. The platform offers a pool of vetted professionals and many ways to connect with them. Businesses can choose to directly message the professionals, post a business challenge to garner interest, book a call (with Calendly integration), or post a question in the super-active Wizly community. With Wizly professionals, businesses can truly catalyze their growth.


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