A guide to hiring an Independent: How to post an Opportunity 🎯

A guide to hiring an Independent: How to post an Opportunity 🎯

With Wizly, you can find and hire an independent in less than 48 hours. The first step is to post your opportunity.
Dec 2022

Anyone can post an opportunity and hire an Independent Professional on Wizly. However, a well-crafted opportunity could open up better doors and provide you with better matches when it comes to working with an independent.

It’s important to include important details, this will help our pool of independent professionals to curate their offerings and interests better. With that in mind, here’s how you can quickly and effectively hire an independent through opportunity.

Posting your opportunity on Wizly 💻

With Wizly, you can find and hire an independent in less than 48 hours. The first step is to post your opportunity through 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Select the type of opportunity

Wizly’s independent professionals can help you with the following:

  • Projects: Pieces of work which will directly impact your business.
  • Learning: If you’re looking to upskill in a certain area, and apply what you’ve learned to your business.
  • Advice: Talk to a subject matter expert on a topic that’s specific to your business.

This enables us to match you specifically with independent professionals that specialise in the kind of opportunities you have.

Step 2: Your company details

To speed up the hiring process, add your company details to help independent professionals understand your business better and faster. Make sure to include your website and logo.

Step 3: Select category & industry domain + add your brief

Select the categories that best reflect the opportunity you’re posting. You can select multiple categories.

This is one of the important steps in your hiring process: add title and description for your opportunity.

We recommend getting to the specifics here and itemise the expected deliverables and scope of work for your opportunity. The more details you share, the better. Here are some details you can add to help our pool of independent professionals understand your opportunity better:

  • Your business / company details and industry
  • Expected deliverables and goals
  • Scope of work
  • Who will the independent be working with
  • Historical data or context

Select the industry domain and expertise you’re looking for from the independent professional.

Step 4: Duration, timeline & budget

Finally, fill in the duration of the opportunity, choose your ideal start date from the time the opportunity is posted and the budget you have prepared for the opportunity.

That’s all!

What’s next?

Once your opportunity is posted on Wizly, our team will review all opportunities to ensure the validity and eligibility. Once approved, our smart marketplace platform will notify matched independents who will review your requirements and show interests.

You will receive an email notification when this happens, and you can log back in to review all independents who have shown interest in your opportunity.

Once an independent has shown interest, you will be able to message them to share further details about your opportunity.

The future of work is collaborative

We have big dreams and aspirations here at Wizly, and we firmly believe our platform stands for the future of work - one with flexibility, smart searches, targeted collaboration tools and agility at its foundation. The way talent is hired and organizations build teams to cater to changing needs is undergoing a revolution and has to be re-invented. Wizly is at the forefront of this reinvention by offering a one-stop solution.

Post your first opportunity here.

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