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Developing a Global Compensation Salary Framework
Blackpanda, a cyber security firm based in Singapore, turned to Wizly for support in designing a comprehensive compensation salary analysis.With Wizly's seamless platform, Blackpanda quickly defined the project scope and handpicked Orin Davis, a global HR expert, who expertly addressed their needs and pain points in global talent management. The project was successfully completed within a remarkable 10-day timeframe, and Blackpanda benefited from Wizly's intuitive dashboard, which allowed them to effortlessly track the progress of the work.
Talent Manager @ Blackpanda
Sarah Sung
The process to make a request on the platform and book the first call was seamless. We had approached recruiters and also other companies, but got no response from any and we could not find anyone else who agreed to work on this project within such a tight timeline.
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Building an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Monetize partnered with Wizly to identify and validate the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for companies interested in their platform, which aims to help companies convert contracts into revenue streams and access capital. To gather the necessary information, Monetize created a project on Wizly and assigned 2 specialists: Alicia Crowther (UK) and Sharmin Reehman (SG). The project was a success that went beyond, delivering on detailed interviews and research, along with a go-to-market plan which helped Monetize reach their key audiences.
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Head of Global Competition @ She Loves Tech
Adirani Heraputeri
We are very happy with the Wizly platform and the way the selection, matching, and booking process worked. We had great feedback from the founders in terms of the pin-pointed advice given and the depth of expertise
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Reviewing Product-Market Fit
This B2B Fintech startup was launching an app for businesses and needed to test for early product-market fit before launching. They engaged with Wizly to kickstart a Go-To-Market project, and engaged with Trevor Longino for 4 weeks.Wizly was a useful platform as it provided this company not just with human resource, but also with global insights across go-to-market, and Fintech and B2B SaaS launches. Since then, the company has successfully launched in the US. The ease of finding and executing the project at speed for them was vital.
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