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Stop struggling with limited resources. Join a high-growth movement with instant access to industry leaders.

1.8 hrs

of daily employee time is wasted in searching for the right information, hindering productivity and costing businesses billions.


of productivity boost is seen by companies with active knowledge management.


of increased revenue growth is seen by making faster decisions.
We have a solution for you.
Team membership
Wizly team membership unlocks a global network of industry leaders ready to solve your teams’ biggest challenges. We are creating a collaborative experience where your teams work together to hire fractional leaders, join live consultations, get access to exclusive templates, and a vibrant community - all for one annual fee.
We call it the Wizly Advantage: No-limits access.
1 Complimentary hire & steep discounts
Your first fractional hire or on a project is absolutely free as a member. For future hires get up to 50% discount on hiring commissions.
Free credits upto $2,000 to help you scale faster
Fast-track progress by immediately utilising your credits to get the expertise you need to move your business forward. Skip reinventing the wheel and focus on execution.
5 Powerful Amplify sessions
Supercharge your growth with 5 personalised workshops led by industry experts, tackling your most pressing challenges in product, marketing, finance, talent, and more.
(Valued at : $2,500+)
Thriving Community
Tap into the collective wisdom of a vibrant community of high-growth companies. Ask questions, share experiences, and learn from each other in a supportive and dynamic environment.
Expertise on Demand
Get instant answers and tailored advice through unlimited Q&A sessions with our network of top-tier professionals. No more waiting and wondering, access knowledge at your fingertips.
VIP Access to Events
Network with industry leaders and fellow trailblazers at exclusive online and in-person events. Stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights from the best in the business.
Don't settle for stagnant growth. Join the Wizly movement and unlock a world of possibilities for your business starting at $2,999.

The way we work is changing


weeks to find, hire and onboard new team members

Don't let finding the right talent become a hurdle for your growth

Discover a new way of scaling your company with on-demand experts

Hiring is a challenge!

It takes 8 weeks to find the right replacement

Marketing trends are changing

How do we upskill our team quickly?

Budgets are constrained

But we need to execute fast

Need to enter a new market

How do we get reliable market insights?

Build your team with Wizly

Build projects and teams, get mentorship and advice, and access valuable insights from powerhouse experts who know what you need

Getting access to the right knowledge at the right time

Empower your leadership with access to human-powered knowledge, advisory, and industry insights from top experts with a click of a button.

Question & Answer

Helps your team ask questions and receive personalized answers from industry leaders.


Allows your team to schedule 1:1 calls with top domain experts on the platform across 20+ countries with integrated calendars.


Brings amazing byte-size audio insights on various industry topics from experts for your team to learn on the go.

  • It's Free
  • $300 worth of FREE credits to engage with experts
  • $999 + 20% Wizly commission for fractional hires
  • $199 + 12% Wizly commission for projects
  • Full access to audio/video Q&As & Insights
  • 2 Users (incl. 1 Admin)
  • $3,999 $2,999 / year Early bird
  • Commission waived off for the first fractional hire every year
  • 11% Wizly Commission for fractional hires and projects
  • $500 worth of FREE credits to engage with experts
  • Full access to audio/video Q&As & Insights
  • Full access to pre-designed projects and training packages
  • 3 free 1:1 Introductory calls (20 mins) for every user each month with global experts
  • Limited access to Wizly’s AI
  • 5 Users (incl. 1 Admin)
  • $6,999 $5,999 / year Early bird
  • Commission waived off for 2 fractional hires & 1 project every year
  • 9% Wizly Commission for fractional hires and projects
  • $2,000 worth of free credits to engage with experts
  • Full access to global experts including premium (1,000+ vetted growth experts)
  • 5 free 1:1 Introductory calls (20 mins) for every user each month with global experts
  • Access to Wizly community events
  • Full access to Wizly’s AI
  • 10 Users (incl. 2 Admins)
Wizly helped to speed up the process by finding the right professional for our project within 2 days. The process to put up a request on the platform, to book the first call was seamless. We had approached recruiters and also other companies, but got no response from any and we could not find anyone else who agreed to work on this project within such a tight timeline.
Gene Yu, CEO @ Blackpanda
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