Meet Saurabh, Your GTM & Marketing Expert

Saurabh Parmar

Fractional CMO, 2x Exited founders

Content Marketing & Social Media
Creative Strategy
Growth Marketing/Hacking
Growth Marketing/Hacking

About me

Hi! I'm Saurabh, a fractional CMO with expertise in creative strategy, GTM, CRM, and social media. I have started and exited two businesses in the past – a tech startup called Cupidly that was acquired, and an award-winning boutique marketing agency called Brandlogist. 

I connect the dots between business, brand strategy and digital. Over the last 15+ years, I've worked with a diverse range of B2B and B2C businesses, from large legacy brands to tech startups, across sectors and sizes in India and Southeast Asia. I'm creative with an analytical bent of mind, and my work has won awards such as Gold-Airtel and Silver-Zee. I believe that businesses are unique not just in what they do but where they are in their growth stage, and so I believe in customizable solutions, rather than a rigid 5- or 10-point methodology.

How I can help

Need help with your GTM strategy in a new market or advice on your pricing strategy? Whether you're a marketing manager at an early-stage company or a solo founder looking to hack your own GTM and marketing, I've got you covered.

Here are some ideas of questions you can ask me:

  • “How would you approach identifying a target audience (TA) for a D2C skincare brand that’s being launched in Dubai, but ships globally?”
  • “How can my business generate footfall for a retail store when our digital (Facebook) or print ads aren’t working?”
  • “What are some pricing strategies you’d recommend for a QSR coffee brand? We’ve tried subscription pricing but it isn’t working for us.”