How to attract & retain the best talent

With Gen Z entering the workforce and millennials taking on leadership roles, generational awareness is the new cultural awareness.

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Hosted By

Aki Taha
Talent Acquisition Expert

About the session

Hiring & Retaining Talent is a topic almost every company is grappling with right now as multiple generations converge in the office for the first time with different values and expectations. This session will cover real-world case studies from Netflix, Uber & Google that Aki has solved.

The need to define and differentiate your company to your talent market to attract more of the right candidates to the top of your hiring funnel is a crucial step 1 factor to sourcing. Then comes asking them the right questions and onboarding.

Who is this event for?

Founders, Heads of Teams, HR Leaders

If you are a founder, team lead or HR person in Singapore looking to learn how to hire right, source-relevant, culture-aligned candidates and avoid common hiring risks, join us.

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Aki Taha is a talent acquisition leader who scaled recruiting in Asia for Google, Uber, and Netflix from their most nascent stages of brands, offices, and businesses, through to several hundred employees each. He currently partners with select startups to offer his expertise on hiring, team-building, employment branding, interviewing, performance management, culture setting, and related people challenges. He also writes a prolific newsletter on the changing nature of work called Talent Stories. We are so happy to have Aki partner with Wizly Amplify to share his wisdom.
What can you learn from this session?
  • Things to keep in mind while building teams with the unique dynamic of having 4 to 5 generations with distinct work values collaborating together
  • Real-life stories from the front lines of team building of cutting-edge companies, and you'll leave with practical ways to apply them to your own.
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