Breakfast with Wizly x Aspire-Strategies to Build a High-Performing Team

Join scaling and leadership expert Rob Bier as he shares proven strategies to unlock your team's full potential, addressing challenges in communication, productivity, and collaboration to foster a high-performing, thriving organisation

Live Sessions:

May 28, 9:30 - 11:30 AM (SGT)

Hosted By

Rob Bier
Scaling & Leadership Expert

About the session

The key to cultivating a culture of ownership and accountability lies in several foundational elements which will be covered during this session. You will learn how to inculcate a culture of open communication, psychological safety, and effective meetings in your organisation. Additionally, Rob will cover what measuring progress and making data-driven decisions means for optimising your team's performance, ensuring that every step taken is informed and effective.

Who is this event for?

​Founders, People Leaders, CEOs, and Executives Managing Teams

This interactive discussion will equip you with the insights and actionable steps needed to transform your team into a high-performing powerhouse that drives sustainable growth.

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This session is conducted by Rob Bier, a veteran scaling specialist who has guided leadership teams of over 40 startups, scale-ups, and large entrepreneurial companies toward creating high-performance organisations. Seven of the companies he advised and guided achieved unicorn status while he supported them and one reached decacorn status. 

His approach is informed by his personal experience as a founder with two successful exits and a venture capitalist with over 40 investments spanning three business cycles. He is the co-founder and Chairman at, Southeast Asia’s leading financial comparison platform, and is an Advisory Board member at He is the author of the best-selling book Smooth Scaling: 20 Rituals to Build a Friction-Free Organization, in which he delves deeply into the questions of what drives high-performance organisations and how scaling can undermine performance.

What will you gain from this Wizly Amplify session?
  • Understanding the key to building a culture of ownership and accountability
  • Learn how open communication, psychological safety, and effective meetings underpin team performance
  • How to generate deep alignment and commitment to your company’s goals
  • How to measure progress and make data-driven decisions to optimise your team's performance
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