How cereal brand Poop Like a Champion increased their revenue by 3x

About Poop Like a Champion

Poop Like a Champion is a brand of high-fiber cereal that helps promote digestive health.


Listed on Amazon, Poop Like a Champion’s team wanted to build out its brand structure, pricing structures, merchandising opportunities & a total brand rehaul with a budget of $30,000.

However, they had no creative or brand direction, no product development strategy beyond existing products & no merchandising strategy.

Christine had the right experience and expertise


GTM for D2C & Retail Brands, Ecommerce, Consumer Lifestyle, Beauty & Skincare, Fashion


VP of Brands, Rainforest
Marketing & Creative Director, ClassPass
Head of International BD, Shopbop
Chief Marketing Officer, Luxola

Strategies the expert used

Branding Rehaul  - Created a brand book & direction for the company. Following this, Christine & her team categorised each existing product, their merchandising opportunities & potential expansion in the market was also explored. The design, brand voice, and packaging was also curated by Christine’s team.


Go-To-Market Strategy - With the brand’s GTM timeframe in mind, key product categories were identified for further expansion. Partnered with manufacturers to achieve consistent on-brand aesthetic for entire product line from taste to packaging. Created a channel launch strategy & new e-commerce site for greater audience footprint.


Merchandising Strategy - Created new product bundles that increased Average Order Value from $10 to $30; also helped the brand stay away from product cannibalisation.