How to create a winning independent professional profile 🏆

How to create a winning independent professional profile 🏆

Grow your business on Wizly. Here are 5 ways to optimise your profile on Wizly for lead generation.
Nov 2022

When a project, question or request has been posted on Wizly’s smart marketplace platform, Wizly matches the request with your profiles to search and filter out the best profiles. Your profile needs to be optimised to come up as a possible match for companies.

5 ways to optimise your profile on Wizly for lead generation

  1. Optimise your bio & integrate your calendar
    Wizly gives you the power to customise everything on your Independent Professional profile.

Your bio is important. As you can see from the image above, everything on your profile is customisable - your name, title, company, location, bio, topics, domains and expertise need to be current and pin-pointed so your skillset is clear.

Integrate your calendar and unlock Advice packages. Add your Calendly details- it is free and no data from your existing calendar is shared with others.  It helps Users and Companies book a call directly with you. See how to do this HERE.

Create advice packages. You can now customise your pricing on the platform for calls and also add different ‘Advice’ packages with more details on what Users or Companies can expect on the call. Users need to know what they can get for the 30 or 60 mins - please state the outcome of the call for the user.

Answer user-generated questions on the Q&A tool

Q&A is a great way to get the community more vibrant, get more users to engage, and bring in more thought leadership. Independent Professionals are encouraged to answer 4-5 questions a month, if not more. Each answer generates its own shareable link with your image and audio. You can share these links easily for your own brand building.

Users and Companies can listen or watch your audio or video answer to questions and even react and rate it. Creating and sharing knowledge assets is a simple two-step process on Wizly.

  1. Monetise your knowledge through Insights  

Talk to one of our team members to create your own Independent Professional Insights series based on the topics we need. We pay for Insights created exclusively for Wizly on a per minute basis.

  1. Join the Wizly Independent Professional network community on Slack and collaborate

    Get access to events, work spaces, and lots of other benefits globally by becoming a Wizly community member.

    Independent Professionals understand the power and necessity of good networking. Through Wizly, you will be able to meet and connect with hundreds of industry independent professionals from all over the globe. Our Slack community also posts multiple discussions a week where we engage and discuss trends, news, and other industry-related topics.

    You now have access to like-minded professionals who understand your job and skills, while being able to discuss similarities and differences based on each location. These types of professional relationships can take years to create offline, but are now available in a fraction of the time through Wizly’s global curated community.

Request access to Wizly Independent Professional-only Slack community and collaborate with other global Independent Professionals on the platform.

  1. Host a Wizly LIVE Learning

To support the different challenges the businesses face, Wizly regularly hosts online LIVE learnings hosted by some of our Independent Professionals. As our knowledge base grows with more online workshops coming, we have created a library of all the previous Wizly LIVE Learning sessions on our YouTube channel. If you're an Independent Professional and are interested in hosting a LIVE Learning, please get in touch

  1. Share your profile within your network
    With Wizly, Independent Professionals have the chance to drive traffic to their Wizly account through social media, email marketing, blogs, and more. Independent Professionals with more significant followings now have the ability to reach their audiences on a more personal level through Projects and Advices on the platform.

How do I become an independent professional on Wizly?

Once you have determined yourself to be an industry independent professional in your field (roughly seven years of experience), signing up is a breeze. There are two main ways to sign up on Wizly:

  1. Follow this link and fill out an application
  2. Be invited directly by Wizly

After you have signed up, you can immediately set up your account and get started on Wizly.

We have big dreams and aspirations here at Wizly, and we firmly believe our platform stands for the future of work- one with flexibility, smart searches, targeted collaboration tools and agility at its foundation. Not only does our community benefit from a regular flow of leads, they have the freedom to completely customise their availability, choose whom they want to work with and work asynchronously.

Apply now to Wizly, and get started with your independent career today – we’re happy to have you!

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