3 ways independent professionals can collaborate on Wizly 🔗

3 ways independent professionals can collaborate on Wizly 🔗

Join a community that supports you on your independent professional journey and development
Nov 2022

Being an independent professional doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. With Wizly, independent professionals get access to a global network of like-minded domain experts in a variety of fields for you to collaborate and share knowledge with.

Better together: Build connection and join the community

Most independent professionals bill less than 50% of their available time due in large part to the demands of running their business. Leverage Wizly’s smart marketplace platform and personal touch points that allows peer learning, community and collaboration between independent professionals.

Supercharge your independent professional journey by upgrading your bio on Wizly and get access to hundreds of companies available on Projects. Through the partnerships Wizly has, independent professionals also get the support they need to grow, not just the tools to be connected with clients and other independent professionals.

More than a network and a safety net, Wizly provides the 360 support system to help you thrive as an independent professional through collaboration.

3 ways independent professionals can collaborate on Wizly

  1. Join the Slack community & engage with other independent professionals
    Get access to events, learnings, work spaces, and lots of other benefits globally by becoming a Wizly community member.

    Independent Professionals understand the power and necessity of good networking. Through Wizly, you will be able to meet and connect with hundreds of industry independent professionals from all over the globe. Our Slack community also posts multiple discussions a week where we engage and discuss trends, news, and other industry-related topics.

    You now have access to like-minded professionals who understand your job and skills, while being able to discuss similarities and differences based on each location.

    These types of professional relationships can take years to create offline, but are now available in a fraction of the time through Willy's global curated community.

Request access to Wizly Independent Professional-only Slack community and collaborate with other global Independent Professionals on the platform.

  1. Post project from your network

With Projects, anyone will now be able to post any request or requirement on Wizly who will match you with the right independent professionals you can collaborate with.
This includes you as an independent professional, who might be looking for other domain experts to join a project you’re working on.

Simply connect with other independent professionals on Wizly through the 'On an opportunity' button.

  1. Refer an independent professional to join Wizly

We are growing and as our user base grows with more partners coming on board, we are always looking for more independent professionals to come onboard. When you invite or refer a new independent professional to join Wizly, you’re opening more doors for collaborations between independent professionals.

These independents can be a wide range of individuals you have within your network or others you have worked with in the past.

Why join Wizly?

  • Grow your business and increase your income by getting access to 100s of global, verified companies that are looking for your specific skill set
  • Meet, learn and grow from a close-knit, like-minded community of global independent professionals who have a collaborative mindset
  • Build your brand and reputation as a global independent professional

Wizly is a simplified, 2-way verified single platform, with payments integrated into the system. Companies submit requests for projects and enable independent professionals to collaborate directly with other independent professionals or get connected to a potential client to build a virtual team or hire a specialist. If you think you have what it takes, apply to join the community here.

Everything your independent professional journey needs, in one place

Wizly knows the challenges of an independent workforce and is on a mission to make this future of work seamless and easy. Connection and collaboration are key into making this happen, and we are here to enable just that. Apply now to get access to a supportive independent professional community globally that shares knowledge and encourages healthy debate here.

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