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Full-Stack Marketer, Brand Strategist

Customer Acquisition and Retention
Go-to-market Strategy
Digital and Content Marketing
Public Relations Strategy
Public Relations Strategy

About me

Hi, I’m Vanessa! I'm a hands-on design-thinking brand, marketing, content, and comms leader, constantly seeking ways to improve lives, organizations, and businesses. My recipe for success includes developing innovative go-to-market strategies and implementing creative processes with behavioural psychology at the core of all activities. I have a solid understanding of market research and data analysis methods, enabling me to apply marketing techniques over digital (e.g., social media) and non-digital (e.g., events, OOH) channels. I enjoy coaching ambitious and bold marketing experts, always passionate about developing creative campaigns that attract customers and partners alike.

How I can help

My specialities include brand awareness, digital and content marketing, strategic planning, customer acquisition and retention, paid and organic growth, product positioning, go-to-market strategy, comms strategy, account-based marketing, and public relations strategy.

Whether you're a marketing manager at an early-stage company or a solo founder looking to hack your own marketing, I can help.

Questions you can ask me:

  • “I’ve been testing TikTok ads more recently and am seeing much better CPMs compared to FB. But I’m curious how TikTok spends the ad budget. What are some best practices or learnings you can share?”
  • “I'm writing a piece of comms and looking for tips on how to break the news about a price increase to a customer. How much of a heads-up do you typically give? Any pearls of wisdom or lessons learned on the ground that you would be open to sharing? TIA!”
  • “What are some effective strategies for marketing to Gen Z audiences?”